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Visualizing the User Journey with Path Analytics

May 8, 2019


We recently launched the User Flow reporting module in Revulytics Usage Intelligence, and the initial feedback from sharing it with customers both during beta and since going live has been overwhelmingly positive. Witnessing the excitement and discovery as product teams explore their existing data in a totally new visualization has been greatly rewarding. The level of interactivity within the report itself enables easy exploration of users’ journeys either from a high level or by drilling down into the specifics in a fast and informative manner. The new understanding of not just tracking events occurring, but what leads users to trigger a specific event, or what they do after an event, illuminates true customer intent and behavior patterns.

But don’t just take our word for it, Michael Rayman, a Senior Design Engineer at Keithley, a Tektronix Company, shared this reaction about User Flow:

“Our first experience with the new User Flow report was really eye-opening. The fact that we could immediately visualize the events we’re already tracking made it easy to start exploring user behavior right away. It’s really intuitive and it’s great being able to filter out the stuff you don’t want to look at and showcase the things that originate from specific nodes – and then continue drilling down and refining it. The way it surfaces paths through the application that we wouldn't expect opens up a lot of possibilities for analysis that will help us make our products even easier to use.”

Path analytics for software applications lets product teams understand how and why users navigate through different events within their application and view any of the specific paths that are taken, making it easier to identify broken work flows and optimize UI/UX in common user workflows. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out our new User Flow use case videos for a quick introduction to getting started. If you are already a Usage Intelligence customer and want to try it out for yourself, we’ve put together a guide on How to Use the User Flow Report.

We are also hosting a webinar, “Visualizing Users’ Journeys Through Your Application: Expect the Unexpected” on May 22 that will dig deeper into the benefits of User Flow reporting feature a live demo showing how it works and how it can help you improve your own products - join us on the webinar and see what all the excitement is about!

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Keith Fenech

Post written by Keith Fenech

Keith is Revulytics’ VP, Software Analytics and was the co-founder and CEO of Trackerbird Software Analytics before the company was acquired by Revulytics in 2016. Following the acquisition, Keith joined the Revulytics team and is now responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Usage Analytics business within the company. Prior to founding Trackerbird, Keith held senior product roles at GFI Software where he was responsible for the product roadmap and revenue growth for various security products in the company's portfolio. Keith also brings with him 10 years of IT consultancy experience in the SMB space. Keith has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Malta, specializing in high performance computing.