Product Usage Analytics for Data-Driven Software Development and License Compliance

Actionable insight into who’s using your software and how they’re using it.

Build Better Products Increase Compliance Revenue


Analytics that drive measurable results across
software organizations

  • Compliance

    Detect, identify and convert unpaid software use with compliance analytics.

  • Product Management

    Make product management decision based on facts not feelings, with insights into feature usage and end user behavior.

  • Sales

    Identify new opportunities at current customers or new organizations with compliance analytics.

  • Software Dev

    Prioritize your development resources by identifying the environments and versions running your application.

  • Marketing

    Marketing teams can leverage analytics to better understand their users and message to them in-application.

  • Customer Success

    Identify at risk, or highly satisfied, accounts with analytics for your customer success team.



Compliance Intelligence

Software piracy is a $52 billion global challenge. Vendors report losses from pirated and overused software at more than 10% of revenue. Revulytics detects and identifies users of unlicensed software and makes it easy to reach out and convert them to paying customers. Leverage this powerful insight and act directly on it to generate new license revenue. Easily built into your internal processes or our outsourced managed services, transform your compliance program.

Increase Compliance Revenue


Usage Intelligence

Core Analytics - Anonymously track downloads, installations, and feature adoption to provide reliable product management metrics. Actionable intelligence that gives you a clear window into user behavior to build better product and marketing strategies. Stop guessing. Start making data-driven decisions.

ReachOut In-application messaging to communicate contextually relevant messages, based on targeting you define, directly with users. 

Build Better Products

Analytics Powering Global Software Programs

  • 75%


  • 72m

    Installations reporting usage data

  • $2.1b

    Customers’ revenue generated since 2010


We’ve realized that piracy cannot be addressed by licensing and DRM. Viewing it as a marketing opportunity has enabled us to implement a license revenue recovery program that’s adding millions of dollars to our bottom line.

–VP of License Enforcement, Global Provider of PLM Software

At TechSmith, our goal is to create a superior customer experience in our software products while fully optimizing revenue opportunities. We are using software usage data from Revulytics to improve our trial conversion funnel.

–Dewey Hou, VP of Product Development at TechSmith

Thanks to Compliance Intelligence and the systems we’ve built to leverage its data with the help of Revulytics, I’m bringing millions of dollars of new revenue into this company every year.

–Compliance Director, Leader in Structural Engineering Software

Software usage analytics from Revulytics give us insight into diverse end-user engagement that we didn’t have before. Now we can make better decisions about product development, packaging, and pricing that meet the needs of our customers and make us an even more indispensable part of the filmmaking process.

–Scott McMenamin, President of Final Draft

We’re achieving all the things we set out to do. We’re realizing revenue, we’re reducing our piracy problem, and at the same time we’re maintaining strong customer relationships. We’ve never had to take legal action, and as often as not, we get a thank you for ‘bringing this information to our attention and giving us the opportunity to resolve it.

–Lead License Compliance Investigator, Global Provider of EDA Software

Our entire redesign took 18 months. But it would easily have taken double that time without Revulytics software usage analytics to support our decision-making.

–Russ Bukowski, Director of Product Design, CNC Software

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Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance and Usage Programs

Maximize revenue and build better software by identifying who’s using your software, what they need from it, and how to convert them into loyal customers.