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Gain insight that can help you boost revenue and build better products. Revulytics proprietary content and related industry data is available on a range of compliance and usage analytics topics.

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Understanding Product Engagement to Drive Revenue

Learn how to analyze software usage to make data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line.

Supercharge Customer Acquisition and Retention

Martha Stuart and Keith Fenech discuss how software usage analytics gives you the knowledge to engage with relevance throughout ...

Software Usage Data: Driving Decisions Throughout Your Development Lifecycle

This webinar discusses how collecting and analyzing software usage data can help you make more efficient decisions at all stages ...

Seven Ways to Supercharge Your Marketing Stack

Adding software usage analytics to your marketing stack will supercharge your campaigns and deliver results that impact the ...

How Product Managers Leverage Software Usage Analytics & In-App Messaging to Drive Engagement

In this webinar, Keith Fenech, VP, Software Analytics, discusses best practices for using in-application messaging to communicate ...

Take a Tour of Revulytics Usage Intelligence

Learn about some of the key features and reporting in our software usage analytics product.

Best Practices for Case Management Using Compliance Analytics

Download the best practices guide to learn how a streamlined case management process can improve your compliance program ...

Try Revulytics Usage Intelligence Free

Register for a free account, download and integrate the SDK into your application, and you will start tracking usage on the very ...

Using the Right Data to Drive Better Product Decisions

In this webinar Steve Johnson and Keith Fenech will discuss how product managers can leverage data to drive better products and ...

Proven Best Practices for License Compliance Settlement

Learn the best practices to settle license compliance disputes quickly to make unpaid users valued customers.

A Buyer's Guide to Software Usage Analytics

Download our Buyer’s Guide to understand what you need to know when choosing a Software Usage Analytics solution.

Software Piracy: Who's the Victim

FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) and V.i. Labs talk about the benefits of software providers viewing pirates as ...

Revulytics Usage Intelligence

Download the datasheet to learn how software usage analytics gives you powerful insight to build better products, convert trial ...

Revulytics Piracy Statistics

This infographic shows latest software piracy statistics including geographical hotspots and adoption trends.

The Science of Software: Developing Data-Driven Product Roadmaps

In this webinar, Keith Fenech will discuss tips for measuring end-user application use, and how to leverage this data to define ...

Accelerating Your Path to Software Compliance Maturity

This white paper shows how ISVs that build a mature software compliance program gain a competitive advantage by increasing ...

Profiting through Software Intelligence: A Layered Approach to License Compliance

In this white paper, we demonstrate how the use of compliance analytics can strengthen your overall license compliance strategy.

A Buyer’s Guide to Software Intelligence Solutions

Download our Buyer’s Guide to understand what you need to know when choosing a Compliance Analytics solution.

Software Piracy Trends: Good News for Software Vendors in 2016

Join Vic DeMarines, VP, Products and Strategy, as he presents software piracy statistics gathered from our global software usage ...

Top 7 Best Practices for Tackling Software Piracy in China

Learn the best practices for protecting your intellectual property and identifying misuse of your software in China.

7 Tips for Developing an Effective In-Application Messaging Strategy

Learn the best practices for developing an effective in-application messaging strategy to drive unpaid users of your software to ...

Using In-Application Messaging to Drive New License Revenue

Download the best practices guide to learn how you can drive new revenue by automating in-app messaging to unlicensed users.

Top 5 Best Practices for Assessing Your Software Piracy Risk

Learn best practices for assessing your software piracy risk so you can monetize the problem and start converting unpaid users ...

Making Software Pirates Pay - An Ecommerce Conversion Playbook

This playbook will show you why you should pursue a strategy of converting unpaid users into paying customers.

Revulytics Compliance Intelligence

Download the datasheet to learn how Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software ...

Global Leader in Structural Engineering Software Drives 12% Growth with Compliance Intelligence.

Read the case study to learn how the company used Compliance Intelligence with Piracy Response to identify and respond to piracy.

Major EDA Provider Reduces Software Piracy and Realizes New Revenue

This case study outlines how an EDA software vendor uses Compliance Intelligence with Revulytics Revenue Services to convert ...

From Pirates to Paying Customers: How a Top PLM Provider Built a $24M Compliance Program

Read the case study to learn how a leading global provider of PLM software is generating millions of dollars in top-line revenue ...

Leading PLM Vendor Turns Pirates into Paying Customers While Safeguarding Key Relationships

This case study discusses how a global PLM company was able to grow their revenue recovery program to over $20M in new license ...

The Best Affiliate Program You've Never Heard Of

This infographic illustrates the best affiliate program you've never heard of - identifying unpaid software users and driving ...

Leading Prosumer Content Creation Vendor Uses In-App Messaging to Convert Pirates into Customers

A leading provider of content creation software uses compliance intelligence with piracy response to convert unpaid users into ...

Best Practices for Generating Revenue using Software Intelligence

Learn the best practices for using compliance analytics to generate sales opportunities and drive new license revenue.

How Does Software Piracy Happen?

This infographic shows how software piracy happens, how quickly it's adopted by your prospects, and how it negatively impacts ...

How Adobe Protects Customers From Software Piracy

Adobe's Richard Atkinson discusses their software piracy strategy including how they view misuse as a business issue affecting ...

Ecommerce Strategies for Converting Unpaid Users to Paying Customers

Mike Schramm, former head of Autodesk's Global eCommerce Programs, show how to apply ecommerce strategies to convert unpaid users ...

Sales Strategies that Guarantee Revenue Recovery

Jason Swan discusses how taking a sales approach to license compliance can accelerate revenue recovery.

Global License Compliance Review: Lessons from 2014 Software Usage Data

Vic DeMarines reviews intelligence garnered from our global software usage data in 2014 and discusses what these trends mean for ...

Leveraging Software Usage Analytics To Drive License Compliance

Vic DeMarines discusses how our customers use centralized research to automatically identify prospects using unpaid software & ...

Drive Ecommerce Success through In-Application Messaging

Watch cleverbridge and V.i. Labs discuss how to convert trial users and unpaid users into paying customers.

Finding Software Pirates Who Will Pay

Alex Kochis and Vic DeMarines discuss how software vendors can target the right software pirates to convert to paying customers ...

Brutal Truths About Successful Global License Compliance Programs

Jason Swan discusses the "brutal truths" about what it takes to run a successful global license compliance program.

Fourth Annual License Compliance and Software Piracy Panel Discussion

Join us for the fourth annual license compliance and software piracy panel discussion featuring general counsel from BSA, FAST, ...

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