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Enhance Data with Wi-Fi Geolocation

March 15, 2017


Software enabled with Revulytics Compliance Intelligence can capture specific geolocation data through Wi-Fi access points. This Wi-Fi geolocation data is now aggregated and displayed within embedded maps at the machine, domain and account levels, giving you greater investigative insight into data and allowing you to pinpoint infringing organizations’ activity so you can create more compliance opportunities.

You see specific addresses – and, often, an aerial view of your infringer’s workplace. Suddenly, you know it is an office in an industrial park, at a real companynot a student casually playing around in a college dorm.


Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

Add new license revenue by detecting, identifying and converting unpaid users into paying customers.

Victor DeMarines

Post written by Victor DeMarines

Vice President, Products & Strategy at Revulytics

Victor DeMarines brings extensive security product management and marketing experience to Revulytics, where he is responsible for product strategy and direction. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics including piracy, reverse engineering and the protection of intellectual property.