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Building C-Level Support for a Software Compliance Analytics Strategy

“It’s not a technology project, it’s a business project,” is often heard as stakeholders seek to build consensus and gain support for programs that require technical resources and buy-in. Yet, often times too much is expected of engineering ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  June 12, 2019   |   Software Piracy

Listen Up: The Piracy Impact Podcast is Live!

Interested in hearing from the leaders of software license compliance on the front lines of software piracy? Of course you are! These topics are usually covered in one-to-one conversations away from microphones, so we are excited to bring you a new ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  June 06, 2019   |   Software Piracy

GDPR Turns 1: Have Businesses Kept Up?

During May 2018, as its deadline inched closer, Google searches in the United States for information around General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR) topped separate searches for Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, according to the European ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  May 17, 2019   |   Usage Analytics

Visualizing the User Journey Through Your Application with Path Analytics

We recently launched the User Flow reporting module in Revulytics Usage Intelligence, and the initial feedback from sharing it with customers both during beta and since going live has been overwhelmingly positive. Witnessing the excitement and ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  May 08, 2019   |   Product Management

In-App Messaging and In-App Marketing using ReachOut

You have collected a wealth of runtime intelligence via Revulytics Software Usage Analytics which has helped you unearth some interesting trends about your users. Your top concerns are that some of your main features are not being discovered by ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  April 30, 2019   |   Company News

Microsoft AppInsights or Revulytics Usage Intelligence?

Make Sure Your Software Usage Analytics Solution Was Designed For the Job Most software companies want to know more about how their customers and trial users are engaging with their software. Increasingly, they realize raw data isn’t enough: they ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  April 17, 2019   |   In-App Messaging

What Is Software Compliance Analytics?

Converting Software Pirates to Paying Customers Software piracy is still a big issue. Customer overuse is still a big issue. So let’s talk about software compliance analytics and the data that helps you convert pirates into paying customers. ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  March 25, 2019   |   Software Piracy

Product-Wide Software Licensing Strategy That Drives Compliance

The chain of events set in motion by SAP’s actions against so-called “indirect access” (where 5,800 users utilized SAP’s software engine on a single license through a third party application) was front-page news in the world of enterprise software ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  March 13, 2019   |   Software Piracy

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