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Revulytics solves the mysteries keeping software providers up at night

#17: Discovering what hardware environments customers are using.

Before undertaking new software development, such as new user interface, it's important to try and gauge the impact it may have on your end users. With hardware architecture data you can predict how your software will be executed on the machines of your user base. 

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#10: Deciding when to end-of-life a product.

Software usage analytics can help you understand the popularity of different versions in use by your existing customer base and help determine when you are able to cease support for legacy software applications. At a certain point the cost to support old code get in the way of new product development to grow your business.

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#18: Understanding user behavior after trial download.

Marketing and sales have data on the people that are downloading trial versions of their software. But they lack the insight into what influences users to go from trial to paying customers. Usage analytics gathered after install can drive increased coversion rates and revenue. 

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#16 Convincing more trial users to become paying customers.

Product managers’ beliefs about a feature and its benefits for users don’t always align with the customer’s actual experience. But how do you test your assumptions against that reality?

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#11 Deciding to eliminate features and versions that impede product evolution.

A wide range of changes will occur throughout the lifecycle of an application. Initially they may be to address bugs and add new functionality, but as a product becomes more mature and stable, product managers may struggle to balance sustaining development and new development.

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#1 Getting customers to upgrade to the newest version.

Learn how one company recognized that more targeted, timely, and effective
communications would be crucial to success in moving user to the latest version of their software.

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#4 Moving freemium users to paying customers, faster.

With a growing base of freemium users, a software company sought a deeper understanding of how customers
were using its free offering to best plan a compelling upgrade path to paying customer.

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#19 Improving software functionality based on customer feedback.

At an HR software company, product managers wanted quick
input from a wide cross-section of customers who already relied on their promising new feature.

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#2 Capturing crucial information to make licensing model and product strategy decisions.

A software company’s new owners were encouraging product managers to move their flagship product from a perpetual to a subscription or consumption-based licensing model. The product managers needed better information about customers and how they were using the product to fully understand the issues and implications.

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#3 Using targeted in-application messaging to convert more trial users to paying customers.

To improve trial conversions and sales efficacy, this company needed a deeper understanding of trial user behavior, and more timely communications to direct users onto “paths to purchase,” and away from paths that typically led to abandonment.

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