Software Usage Data: Driving Decisions Throughout Your Development Lifecycle

The pace of software development requires you to work faster and smarter.  Whether you are just getting started or have millions of installations, understanding how your products are actually being used can help you to prioritize development while meeting customer requirements.


This webinar, presented with SD Times, featuring Keith Fenech, will show you how collecting and analyzing software usage data can help developers make faster, more efficient decisions at all stages of the development lifecycle.

Learn how software usage analytics can help software developers answer key questions like:

  • Are my users actively using this feature or can we deprecate it?
  • Which versions, platforms, languages or architectures are my users on?
  • Where should I focus my QA efforts?
  • How should I prioritize bug fixes?
  • What issues are my beta users coming across, but not telling me about?
  • What are the adoption rates for new features and new versions post-release?