Software Piracy Trends: Good News for Software Vendors in 2016

Would you be surprised to learn that software piracy is occurring at 100% of the top 50 engineering schools? Probably not, but what does that mean? What about the Fortune 100 or top 100 software companies?

Join V.i. Labs' Vice President of Products and Strategy, Vic DeMarines, as he presents software piracy statistics gathered from our global software usage data. These aren't just estimates - they represent the actual use of unlicensed software from our aggregated CodeArmorĀ® data.

Watch now to learn more about:
  • Emerging trends in unpaid software use
  • Piracy statistics by industry
  • Top countries for unpaid use and compliance
  • How V.i. Labs data has generated over $1B in new license revenue since 2010
  • Customer success stories
Watch now and learn how you can start recovering revenue from pirated use.