How Product Managers Leverage Software Usage Analytics & In-App Messaging to Drive Engagement

Product Managers are leveraging application insights to gain quantitative data on user adoption and engagement with their applications, and qualitative feedback from their most engaged users.

Combining this data with powerful in-application messaging technology, companies can engage users like never before. Now you can reach and educate users with fully targeted, event driven, direct-to-desktop in-application messaging and surveying.

In this webinar, Keith Fenech, VP, Software Analytics, discusses best practices for using in-application messaging to communicate with your users, including:

  • Segmenting and profiling users based on their actual usage patterns to deliver highly targeted, personalized messaging
  • Creating and testing effective in-application messaging strategies
  • Increasing conversions by engaging users at the right time during their evaluation cycle
  • Surveying the users with the right levels of experience with your application and features to get the most relevant feedback