How Adobe Protects Customers From Software Piracy

Adobe Systems has a long and storied history of dealing with software piracy. But its newest compliance strategy takes a different approach: treating software piracy as a business issue affecting customers, while also creating a new revenue stream.

Richard Atkinson, Corporate Director, Global Piracy Conversion Team at Adobe, discusses their shift to handling unpaid software.  He highlights what the piracy problem looks like at Adobe, some myths they have discovered along the way, and how they are converting the well-intentioned victims of piracy to paid users.

Adobe's strategy is certainly not one-size-fits-all. V.i. Labs' VP, Products and Strategy, Vic DeMarines will discuss how software companies of all sizes can utilize software intelligence to turn piracy into revenue, even if you don't have the resources of Adobe.

Learn how you can:
  • Capture all paid and unpaid product demand 
  • Protect your customers from being victimized
  • Convert unpaid users to licensed products