Get actionable intelligence after your application is downloaded

Software vendors and enterprise application development organizations use software usage analytics to understand feature adoption and end user engagement to drive decisions about product development, roadmaps, and packaging and pricing models.

Revulytics™ Usage Intelligence, enables all company sizes from a single developer to a Fortune 500 to make use of enterprise quality product management and marketing tools.

Build better applications by knowing, not guessing

  • Track feature usage and adoption
  • Make informed decisions on your product roadmap
  • Identify where, when and how your software is being used around the globe
  • Visualize data through real-time interactive reports and dashboards
  • Quickly and easily integrated into your application development process

With just a 30-minute SDK integration time for Java, C++, Obj-C and .NET for Windows, Linux or Mac applications, get software analytics right out of the box. Add in a low monthly subscription, and no infrastructure costs, and our Usage Intelligence solution is a virtually risk-free and a time tested alternative to Open Source solutions.