User Flow Use Cases

How analyzing paths users take through your application can drive product decisions.

With User Flow reports, you can visualize end user experience and interact with the data to get a picture of path popularity and interaction within your application. Here are some real world use cases how you can get started analyzing the user journey through your product.

First and Last User Interactions

By utilizing the system events of “Session Start” and “Session End” you can see the first events users trigger when launching your application and the last interactions they had or what led up to their closing of the application respectively.

Drilling Down into Specific Paths

Groups of users with similar attributes may have very different paths (e.g., power users versus trial users) and might need to be analyzed separately so that the data is representative of each experience. By utilizing filters you can accomplish a filtered view of the path for the different segments.

Optimizing UI/UX in Common Paths

Users of your application have preferences and patterns in how they choose to interact with it. Whether it is triggering the same event from different ways such as clicking a button, selecting from a menu or keyboard shortcut, or at various points in their workflow they may choose different paths, and it is important to know to optimize your product experience.

Identifying Broken User Flows

If you have developed an ideal user path through your application you hope that it's followed, but you may want to verify that users actually take the route you intended, and also if there is any point in the journey where they tend to abandon the path.

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