After software is downloaded and in use around the globe, it’s easy to lose track of version distribution. Anonymously collect product statistic data so you can make cost-efficient support and development decisions.

Plan and prioritize upgrades

With the ability to track which version of your software users are running (filtered down to the specific build), you can easily prioritize among various development paths. Whether planning upgrade strategies, allocating support resource, or determining how many people are impacted by a particular bug, Usage Intelligence gives you product insight to help you make the right call.

Filter user count to understand distribution

Take a quick, granular view of the total user counts on any release and filter to see how distribution varies across geographies, languages, user behavior and more.


  • Collect product insights on new, lost or active user type
  • Know instantly how many users are running each software version
  • Prioritize support activity
  • Evaluate needs to sunset low-use editions
  • Hone product and marketing strategies