Product Metrics

Usage Intelligence tracks your software usage and delivers metrics through dynamic dashboards with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting.

Version Edition and Build

After software is downloaded and in use around the globe, it’s easy to lose track of version distribution. Anonymously collect product statistic data so you can make cost-efficient support and development decisions.

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Operating System

Understanding operating system metrics is critical to software development. Report on distribution by version, platform, language and architecture.

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Hardware Architecture

Hardware is in constant evolution. Extract hardware product statistics instantly from all active product instances anywhere in the world. Optimize software builds to match real-world, present-state hardware architecture. 

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Collect geographic metrics to gain great insight into product development requirements, and enable more effective prioritization and deployment of sales and marketing campaigns.

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License Key

Keep track of license key status including blacklisted, expired or abused keys. Filter and view user activity based on license key status and use ReachOut to send them special offers.

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