Usage Intelligence has powerful drill-down reporting on every tagged event so you fully understand on a feature-by-feature level how your install base gets value from your software, and potential areas for product improvements by reporting on feature usage ranging from the most popular to those that are often undiscovered. 

Investigate product features with key usage statistics

Analyzing the usage patterns of different features over their lifetime, begins with seeing the frequency data for your entire install base. Evaluate on a macro level how popular a feature is in terms of overall use, average usage rate, and whether people had a chance to engage with it at all. Once you determine what features need more attention, start asking how and why they can be addressed by analyzing subsets of your user base.

Use filtering and segmentation to compare user groups

Lifetime Event Usage delivers sophisticated analysis beyond trends and general feature usage. With the ability to drill-down in reports, you see granular details for any event, based on the user and environment properties you want to analyze. Generate event usage frequency reports for user segments matching specific profiles and analyze/determine what contributes most to driving usage of any feature in your application. Extrapolate your findings to make global product decisions or continue to make optimizations to keep high value user segments happy as well.

Leverage lifetime event usage across Usage Intelligence

In addition to visualizing and calculating feature usage data with Lifetime Event Usage, you can also filter other reports and target ReachOut campaigns based on event usage parameters. Filtering churn reports based on whether or not certain features were used provides insight into whether a feature impacts the churn rate positively or negatively, if at all. In developing ReachOut in-app messaging campaigns, event usage as a targeting criteria can ensure when you communicate or survey users  about product features, only those with the right amount of experience with a feature receive your message.   


  • Every tagged event is automatically included in lifetime event usage
  • Filter event data for custom and standard properties
  • Analyze audience segments to identify usage patterns
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Understand which features remain undiscovered
  • Improve/remove underused features
  • Visualize usage by individual feature or category