ReachOut Use Cases

Check out examples of ways you can use in-application messaging across your organization.

With ReachOut functionality, you can get in touch with users of your software like never before. Reach, educate, and delight users with fully targeted, event driven, direct-to-desktop in-application messaging and surveying.

Product and Feature Education

Use in-application messaging coupled with Usage Analytics to identify and notify segments of users that have not discovered the most valuable features in your product, and prompt them to take advantage of them. With increased feature adoption your customers are delighted and you create longterm product affinity that benefits your entire organization.

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Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Some of the most promising prospects for new revenue are already using your software. One of the most powerful ways to present them with cross-sell or up-sell opportunities is while they are engaged in your application and receiving value from it. Delivering these calls-to-action dynamically in-app can boost conversion and generate incremental revenue from your existing base.

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Version Update Prompting

Identifying users running on older versions of your application and prompting them to update is a win-win for you and them. The users get the latest and greatest features that your product team is rolling out, and your development team reduces their costs in supporting legacy versions. Presenting these notifications in the context of your application is the most effective way to deliver this type of message and drive users to update.

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Collecting Feedback

Being customer-centric is a critical element to product roadmaps, but a solid analytical approach to building “what customers want” is just as important.  When surveying through ReachOut and Usage Intelligence you can target specific user segments, ask them relevant question and then store their responses and environment data in your Usage Intelligence instance for actionable quantitative and qualitative feedback.

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Promoting External Company Events

While customer experience in your software is always paramount, making sure customers are getting the most from your application often requires external content as well, whether it is product training, webinars, or opportunities to meet up, your marketing team can deliver messages to the appropriate user segments when they are most engaged — outperforming other communication channels and helping them continue to satisfy your customers.

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Get Started with Usage Analytics

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