Don't wait for users to report bugs. Usage Intelligence allows you to quickly identify software exceptions, providing a comprehensive view to help accelerate fixes.

Prioritize and accelerate bug repairs

Since each stack trace is tagged with a timestamp and unique client ID, you can direct your efforts to the installations with the most critical exceptions. You’ll also know if a particular installation is generating multiple exceptions in a specific time frame.

Work proactively, not reactively

Ideally QA teams should find every bug before product release, but that’s not always possible in the real world. Usage Intelligence helps you react more quickly and efficiently, squashing bugs before customers experience them.


  • React to errors more quickly
  • Run full or truncated stack trace
  • Tag each stack trace with a timestamp and unique client ID
  • Quantify particular exceptions to assess required level of response
  • Prioritize debugging and repairs
  • Reduce revision cycles