Event Tracking

Deep insight into product usage to build better software and drive adoption

Usage Intelligence event-based analytics enables you to anonymously track and report on software usage. Tagging events is fast and easy, with only a couple lines of code to start collecting data. You can identify your most popular features and make data-driven decisions to focus your development efforts.

Event Usage Timeline

Understanding trends in event usage helps you identify the features that may require or deserve the most attention. The Event Usage Timeline can quickly indicate behavioral changes across your entire install base that warrant further analysis.  

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Lifetime Event Usage

Not all users behave the same. Analyzing lifetime event usage can illuminate features of highest value, or those that are under-utilized and identify the types of users that engage with them. By segmenting and filtering your analytics you can visualize how different audiences engage with your application.

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Custom Event Data

Sometimes it isn't enough to know when an event is triggered, you also need to collect and store custom values associated with that event. In Usage Intelligence, all of the user and environment properties are captured when custom event data is stored, enabling you to get granular results when you need them.

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