Usage Intelligence event-based analytics enables you to anonymously track and report on software usage. Tagging events is super easy, with only a couple lines of code to start collecting data. You can identify your most popular features and make decisions to focus your development efforts accordingly.

Get started with Basic Events

Basic Events track core usage statistics, over time, across your install base. Understand the relative popularity for each event you have tagged, by seeing cumulative usage, and average usage; per user, session or runtime hour. Gain insight immediately relevant to sales, development, and product management teams with dashboards and reports.

Add filtering and segmentation with Advanced Events

Advanced Events deliver more sophisticated analysis. With extensive drill-down reporting, you’ll see granular details for any event. Advanced Events give you the added capability to generate Event Usage Frequency reports for users matching a specific profile, usage, or platform properties. Analyze how different users engage with your product and determine the most valuable features for each.


  • Track users anonymously
  • Collect simple global usage statistics with Basic Events
  • Gather granular data with Advanced Events
  • Collect and aggregate numerical values when events fire
  • Collect feedback in-app, tagged with all user profile data
  • Segment to understand user group behavior
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Understand which features remain undiscovered
  • Improve/remove underused features


For a deeper dive on feature tracking with events, and the difference between Basic and Advanced events check out this overview video to learn more.