Quickly analyzing high-level feature usage and their trends over time gives insight into overall popularity across all users of your application and helps to unearth opportunities for deeper analysis.

Get started with event tracking statistics

Events track core usage statistics, over time, across your install base. Understand the relative popularity for each event you have tagged by seeing cumulative usage and average usage, per user, session or runtime hour. Gain and share insight immediately relevant to sales, development, and product management teams with dashboards and reports.

Visualize feature usage to see trends and changes

Charting event usage over time can uncover general usage trends or spotlight significant changes (positive or negative) in overall user behavior. The Event Usage Timeline can plot the usage of a single event, or (if multiple events are tagged for similar operations) the aggregate usage overtime of a group of events.


  • Visualize usage for any date range
  • Collect simple global usage statistics
  • Collect and aggregate numerical values when events occur
  • Identify user-wide shifts in behavior
  • Group similar events to view aggregated usage trend over time