Answer critical questions by building ad hoc data reports

Data that’s hidden or inaccessible is not actionable. Custom reporting and analysis reports from Revulytics surfaces specific usage analytics, segmentation information, and custom event data to answer any question. This enables streamlined, metric-driven decisions.

Get to the heart of the data

Not every question is answered by standard dashboard reports. Sometimes you need to answer questions unique to your business in a format that fits your organization. Use Custom Report Builder to quickly build ad hoc reports on standard or custom properties, with the data segmentation and filtering you need in a custom dashboard.

Know what’s trending

To fully evaluate how changes to your product are impacting end users you need to identify usage variations. Custom Timeline reporting lets you see how usage of any event has varied over any time period.

Simplify reporting to stakeholders

Pull timely information in easy-to-distribute formats for in-the-moment gut checks, weekly statuses, quarterly sales statements and more. There’s almost no limit to the ways you can segment your data and create custom reports.


  • Build custom live-data dashboards
  • Leverage advanced regex filters and segmentation
  • Uncover license overuse or abuse
  • Integrate license key data with your CRM platform
  • Easily access the Revulytics API via HTTPS using either POST or GET requests
  • Understand user behavior better than ever