Gain visibility into what trial users are doing after they download your software. With interactive conversion funnel reporting, you can understand the user’s product journey and take action that drives them to purchase.

Identify conversion funnel challenges

Usage Intelligence funnel analysis provides deep insight into the trial user experience segmented by region, platform and product version, helping to identify where and why users are not converting.  By collecting and analyzing data including time in application, features used, and user environment, you can surface and positively alter the evaluation experience. 

Align product and marketing strategies across the organization

With this insight, sales and marketing teams will learn the optimal time for follow up with the right contextual message. Product management can drive revenue by enhancing the features that spur conversion. They’ll also see how feature performance on different platforms alters adoption, and where trial users are getting hung up – an indicator of potential improvement opportunity.


  • Understand what drives purchase intention
  • Determine conversion funnel drop off points
  • Segment users by region, platform and product version
  • Chart conversion funnel analysis trends
  • Improve marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Perform funnel analysis in real time
  • Compare user behavior across products