Client Profile reporting gives you the ability to drill down into product usage data for a particular client, look at data for sets of ClientIDs that match specific criteria, and do full exports of the data by ClientID for further analysis, joining with third-party data sets, or historical archiving of all your usage data.

Get detailed insight into your clients

Two of the most actionable metrics for software producers are usage data and the properties of clients running their application. With Client Profile reporting you can see total lifetime usage of all tagged events in your application by client. You can also see properties, such as environment, hardware and operating system of that client, and when they change over time, for example what product version they are on and when they upgraded. To identify trends across clients in usage or properties you can add filters to analyze only those clients with similar traits.

Export your data for advanced analysis

To get a more holistic view of their customers, product teams rely on multiple sources of data. Usage Intelligence data exported by ClientID allows you to link product usage data with external data sources providing information that is specific to your business. When these data are combined on the client level they provide a more complete view of the user journey and interaction. Usage Intelligence data exported in JSON is easily consumable by third-party application such as business intelligence solutions, marketing automation and other cloud-based data housing applications.

Track in-app communications by client

Knowing how many and which in-app messages clients receive is useful for both managing the frequency of communications, and reinforcing messages through external communication channels. By selecting ClientIDs that received a particular in-app campaign, you can also export that information for use in marketing automation platforms, to further reinforce your message through other channels like email. Or, view which messages any particular client has received to understand their entire individual history.

Manage user GDPR data requests

When customers wish to exercise their right to access their personal data as afforded by GDPR, Usage Intelligence makes it easy for you to satisfy that request. You can easily query there information in the Client Profile report with an identifiable attribute like license key or serial number and with a click of a button export it in JSON, a common, readable, portable format. The export file can be opened in many commonly available programs, such as Notepad. If the customer wishes to have their data removed and no longer tracked, that can also be done through ClientID in the admin section of Usage Intelligence.


  • Export data for further analysis in third-party analytics systems
  • View all ReachOut in-application campaigns that any client has received
  • Identify specific ClientIDs of user segments by properties and usage
  • Manage GDPR requests for data access
  • Download data for archiving
  • JSON format of data exports for maximum portability