Revulytics analytics tools give you a 360-degree view of product performance, campaign efficacy and user behavior. It’s easy to merge usage data with third-party applications to create a powerful, yet simple-to-use analytics engine.

Communicate data seamlessly throughout your environment

Revulytics Usage Intelligence answers even the most advanced reporting needs. You can perform data integration through customizable dashboards, or receive robust reports as needed. It supports integration with third party systems like your CRM or Business Intelligence platform, through web reporting APIs or embedded HTML widgets. And when you need to perform advanced mining, you can download full data exports for CSV or JSON.

Make data-driven decisions

Revulytics Usage Intelligence simplifies timely business decisions because there is no guesswork. Need to know how many active users you have? How many of them are in a certain region? On a specific platform? Using a certain product release? And have just used a specific product feature? The answers to these queries and hundreds more are all here.


  • Build custom live-data dashboards
  • Leverage advanced regex filters and segmentation
  • Uncover license overuse or abuse
  • Integrate license key data with your CRM platform
  • Easily access the Revulytics API via HTTPS using either POST or GET requests
  • Understand user behavior better than ever

The Takeaway:

Data, API and CRM Integration is available when and where you want it with Revulytics.