Usage Intelligence Hybrid Features

Deep insight into software applications that run on desktop and cloud platforms to build better software and drive user adoption.

From basic metrics to more sophisticated analysis and visualizations, Revulytics Usage Intelligence Hybrid transforms product usage data into insights you can act on.

User Activity Metrics

Usage Intelligence Hybrid tracks New, Active and Lost users so you can see the activity by group within your application over time. By layering in custom filters you can drill down into different subsets of these user groups.

User Engagement Reporting

Usage Intelligence Hybrid event-based analytics enables you to anonymously track and report on software usage. You can identify your most popular features and focus your development accordingly.

User Flow Reporting

User Flow reporting allows you to understand the order in which users interact with events in your application and analyze user’s navigation through the features. Understanding user behavior and intent enables workflow optimizations to improve user experience and avoid situations where users are likely to abandon the application.

Retention and Churn

Acquiring new customers is essential to growth, but retaining current ones is equally important, and far less expensive. Analyzing usage behavior and the environmental properties of churned users provides insight into product experiences that potentially lead to user abandonment, allowing you to detect and correct it quickly.

User and Account Level Reporting

Usage Intelligence Hybrid provides insights at both the account and individual user level across applications and environments. Analyze specific users or groups of users in an organization to understand overall engagement and customer health.


Collect geographic metrics to gain great insight into product development requirements, and enable more effective prioritization and deployment of sales and marketing campaigns.

Custom Reporting and Analysis

Usage Intelligence Hybrid has an SQL driven reporting interface that allows virtually any aspect of the data to be queried, and the resulting reports can be shared across the entire analytics user base. Similarly, any of the filters defined for segmenting data can be saved, shared and re-purposed across many different reports and applications.

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