100% Data Ownership

Usage Intelligence Hybrid can be hosted on-premise in your infrastructure or through a single tenant instance fully managed by Revulytics. In both hosting options, you are guaranteed full data control and ownership of your analytics versus third party multi-tenant solutions.

Total data compliance for sensitive industries and geographies

For industries and locations with stricter security and privacy measures, or organizations that want to collect to save personally identifiable information, Usage Intelligence Hybrid and it's single tenant hosting ensures that you can control all data in compliance with United States and European privacy laws such as HIPAA, GDPR, COPPA Chinese Internet Law, Russian law 526-FZ.

GDPR ready data storage

With Usage Intelligence Hybrid you can efficiently handle GDPR request for data or deletion. Direct access to your raw data allows you to handle all GDPR requests completely and compliantly.

Unfiltered raw data fully retained

With Usage Intelligence Hybrid you set the rules as to how your data is retained and processed. Many providers sample or truncate data to conserve on hosting space, but with total control over the length of data retention and data collection you can have no data loss.

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