Build ad hoc data reports with SQL

Usage Intelligence Hybrid has an SQL-driven reporting interface that leverages a Clickhouse SQL interface to allow for highly customized and complex queries of your data.

Share reports across users

Once any custom report is created it can be saved and shared across users based on their permission and roles. This allows teams to centralize the custom report querying function but still sharing the benefit of resulting reports with different team members in your organization.

Join external data sources

Build custom reports that involve external data sources to leverage existing business intelligence within the organization inside of your Usage Intelligence reporting instance.

Customize report visualization

Leverage external JavaScript/CSS Resources to create unique visualizations of custom reports based on your own specific reporting needs and preferences.

Create cohort filters and share with teammates

Any of the filters defined for segmenting data can be saved, shared and re-purposed across many different reports and applications so you can analyze cohorts in any report you need to. Analyze groups of users that share common attributes such as power users.


  • Custom reporting via Clickhouse SQL interface
  • Save and share custom reports across users
  • Shared reporting filters across users
  • Include external data sources in reporting
  • Create report visualizations with your preferred JavaScript/CSS resource