Product Metrics

Usage Intelligence tracks your software usage and delivers metrics through dynamic dashboards with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting on versions, OS, hardware, architecture, and more.

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Event Tracking and Feature Usage

Usage Intelligence event-based analytics enables you to anonymously track and report on software usage. You can identify your most popular features and focus your development accordingly.

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User Flow Reporting

User Flow reporting in Revulytics allows you to understand the order which users interact with different events in your application and analyze user navigation through different features. Understanding user intent and behavior enables workflow optimizations to improve user experience and avoid situations where users are likely to abandon.

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Retention and Churn

Acquiring new customers is essential to growth, but retaining current ones is equally important, and far less expensive. If customers’ extended product experience isn’t positive, you need to detect it and correct it quickly.

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Conversion Metrics

Gain visibility into what trial users are doing after they download your software. With interactive conversion funnel reporting, you can understand the user’s product journey and take action that drives them to purchase.

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In-Application Messaging

With ReachOut functionality, you can get in touch with users of your software like never before. Reach and educate users with fully targeted, event driven, direct-to-desktop in-application messaging and surveying.

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Client Profile Reporting

Easily access all the data you have for a particular client or group of clients that match a set of usage criteria to view all information in Usage Intelligence about them. The Client Profile report allows for easy exporting of data for offline use or importing into third-party tools. 

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Exceptions and Stack Trace

Don't wait for users to report bugs. Usage Intelligence allows you to quickly identify software exceptions, providing a comprehensive view to help accelerate fixes.

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Custom Reporting and Analysis

Custom reporting surfaces specific usage metrics, segmentation information and custom event data  unique to your business. Get answers to your most complex questions to make data-driven decisions.

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API for Third Party Integrations

Bring the value of your software usage analytics to the next level. Our web reporting API allows you to export or merge data with third party applications to give you a 360-degree view of product and marketing performance.

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