Take Your Software Application from Desktop to the Cloud

Building Better Applications with Software Analytics, Part 4


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Build Better Applications with Software Analytics

Increased competition in the software industry and the booming and disruptive growth of SaaS vendors are forcing “traditional” vendors of on-premise applications to map a dramatic change to the way they do business.

In our latest eBook, we examine how a product innovation strategy that brings together on-premise and cloud capabilities is central to desktop software vendors’ digital transformation and how product usage analytics can help including:

  • Moving to Subscription-Based licensing models
  • Building a product portfolio with functionality that reside in the cloud and on the desktop
  • Optimizing product decisions in a hybrid environment
  • Getting closer to the customer with account-based insight
  • Collecting and storing data on fully controlled servers

Let Take Your Software Application from Desktop to the Cloud, Part 4 of our Building Better Applications with Software Analytics, be your guide.



Maximize Your Results Leveraging Software Usage Analytics

Most software product managers only have access to limited data and anecdotal evidence of product use. They lack the tools to make informed decisions based on actual customer usage of their applications. Unfortunately, this lack of data-driven insight can stand in the way of successfully meeting their customers’ needs.


of software providers will rely on insights from embedded software usage analytics to perform product management decisions and measure customer health by 2021.


of the historical vendors will offer subscription-based business models by 2020.