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Solibri Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Product Localization in Over 70 Countries.

Learn how Solibri uses Usage Intelligence to make strategic decisions and tactical localization changes based on granular insights, to maintain its software’s global competitive edge.

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CNC Software Dramatically Accelerates Mastercam UI Redesign

Learn how CNC Software fully executed a comprehensive and exceptionally successful product redesign in 18 months — half the time it would have taken without Revulytics software usage analytics - with significantly reduced cost compared to in-house solution.

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Global CAD Vendor Uncovers Monetizable Overuse and Piracy in Previously Worthless Data

See how this company nearly tripled the percentage of identifiable leads generated from anonymous IP addresses compared with previous services, representing close to $4M of incremental revenue in the pilot assessment alone.

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Healthcare Software Firm Applies Data-Driven Planning to Reinvigorate 25-year-old Product

Learn how a leading vendor of healthcare practice management software started making data-driven product roadmap decisions instead of relying on speculation and anecdotal data.

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Usage Analytics Power Automated Conversion Campaigns

Learn how marketing campaigns driven by Piracy Response helped this prosumer video software vendor convert pirates into paying customers.

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How a Global Leader in Structural Engineering Software Drove 12% Topline Revenue Growth

Read how this vendor identified 4,600 infringing machines with Compliance Intelligence and to generate new license revenue.

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Compliance That Works: How Detection is Succeeding where Auditing and Prevention Failed

See how this customer used Revulytics Compliance Intelligence to generate over $5.6M in new revenue in year one.

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How a Leading Product Lifecycle Management Software Developer Transforms Pirates into Paying Customers

See how this company built a small anti-piracy program that began in Legal and transformed into a full-fledged compliance program run by Sales.

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A Customer-centric Approach to Piracy That Works Based on Rock Solid Data

See how this customer used Compliance Intelligence with Revulytics Revenue Services to generate $3 milion in new license revenue in the first eight months.

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