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Some of your best prospects are using your software, but not paying for it.

Generate revenue from this untapped market.

Your job is to drive revenue, yet every day you’re losing money to piracy and overuse. Revulytics customers are driving revenue by identifying unpaid use and converting it. Since 2010 their compliance programs have driven more than $2.8 billion in new license sales.

Monetize unpaid use

Studies from Adobe and Microsoft show that legally inclined victims of piracy will pay for software. Revulytics Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies and validates non-compliant organizations using your software. Finally, you have actionable intelligence to generate revenue from unpaid use.

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Act on the most qualified leads in your CRM

Compliance Intelligence delivers the best leads: organizations already using your software. Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing CRM and sales processes, you’ll be up to speed quickly, receiving leads you can pursue right away.

Accelerate your license compliance revenue generation

Revulytics empowers sales to convert unpaid use to new license revenue. Use your internal sales team or partner with us. We offer many scalable options, from turnkey solutions to full service augmentation of your current efforts.

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Retain customers with software usage analytics

They bought your product today, but will they renew tomorrow? Revulytics Usage Intelligence provides valuable insight into product usage and churn rates so you are better prepared to renew and upsell customers.

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Using In-Application Messaging to Drive New License Revenue

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