Solutions for Customer Success

Identify customers at risk for churn and take action to increase retention

Take informed action using direct insight into product utilization.

The most effective way to keep customers is to make them successful using your product. Revulytics Usage Intelligence provides software product utilization metrics to help you identify and understand potential risks to product success so you can proactively take action.

Increase customer retention

Your job is to fight churn. But how can you predict which customers may stay and which may go without insight into how they’re using your product? Software usage analytics tracks feature adoption and engagement and provides reliable product utilization metrics – an essential indication of customer health.

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Engage users at the right time

ReachOut in-application messaging lets you communicate directly with users while they’re engaged with your application. Contextually relevant messages sent to user segments that you define – by features usage, geography, software version - deliver the right message at the right time. Announce new features, provide ‘how to’ tips, or notify customers of upgrade opportunities and compelling offers.

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Educate customers to drive adoption and expansion

Ensuring that customers find and adopt key features early is a key indicator of future satisfaction. Track product utilization during onboarding and provide in-product tips on how to use the most valuable features. Track and accelerate the customer’s journey with tips and tricks to drive deeper engagement and exploration. Offer training, upgrades, or complementary products at the right time to maximize lifetime customer value.

Build overall picture of customer health

Product utilization is essential signal data to assess customer health. Augment it with more qualitative insight using in-product surveys that target user segments with the product experience needed for meaningful feedback. Share product utilization metrics and analysis with sales and marketing teams. Integrate it into other analytics systems for a broader view of customer health.

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