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Unlicensed software costs you revenue every day.

Enhance compliance enforcement with data-driven intelligence.

Piracy is a $46.3 billion global challenge. A KPMG survey of software vendors reported losses from unlicensed software amount to at least 10% of their revenue. Establishing evidence of misuse and confidently addressing non-compliant use are cornerstones of a strong compliance program.

Verify who’s using your software

Revulytics Compliance Intelligence provides compliance analytics to verify who is using your software, where and how they are using it – and whether they’re a current customer or not. This intelligence enables you to act on unlicensed use to generate revenue and safeguard your intellectual property. 

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Use forensic evidence to combat misuse

Compliance Intelligence detects and reports unlicensed use from your product to build strong case evidence, complementing existing licensing and compliance strategies. Drive more value for your new or established compliance program.

Manage cases confidently, with less effort

A comprehensive compliance program doesn’t have to overwhelm your existing resources. Built on the platform, our Automated Case Management and Compliance Workflows streamline engagements and provide visibility into your compliance opportunities at every stage.

Conduct data-driven software audits

With forensic evidence of infringement, software audits are more efficient, require fewer resources, and are less confrontational. Identify and focus on accounts with proven noncompliance, instead of ambiguous profiling and suspicions from sales or support. Simply exercise your audit rights and proceed on course with a map of the noncompliance. 

Drive compliance revenue in emerging markets

Revulytics strengthens your ability to identify piracy and act on it in challenging regions. Whether you need an automated conversion strategy, or an outsourced managed services approach, we can help. With our far-reaching language fluency, and knowledge of local laws, we are your global compliance partner.

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