How a Global Leader in Structural Engineering Software Drove 12% Topline Revenue Growth

A global leader in software for large-scale structural engineering, our customer’s solutions are utilized in modeling and building many of the world’s most complex structures.


  • Its high-value software was repeatedly cracked and pirated
  • It cost the company millions in lost revenue and generated security risks for projects built with cracked software
  • It relentlessly attacked piracy on multiple fronts, and aggressively sought full compensation wherever possible, but piracy continued to grow


  • Within months, Compliance Intelligence was delivering higher quality, more actionable piracy data 
  • The company strengthened its own compliance team to follow up on all the data it now possessed 
  • Used Piracy Response in-app messaging technology to precisely calibrate its response to any non-compliant organization. 


  • Soon after deploying Compliance Intelligence worldwide, the company quickly identified pirated versions of its product on over 4,600 unique machines, including both “prospects” it had never done business with, and many existing customers who were exceeding contract limits or abusing licensing agreements.
  • As its global compliance operations have matured, the company has gained deeper experience transforming “potential” revenue into actual revenue. 
  • The visionary leader who first recognized the company’s compliance opportunity has assumed leadership of compliance worldwide. 

Thanks to Compliance Intelligence and the systems we’ve built to leverage its data with the help of Revulytics, I’m bringing millions of dollars of new revenue into this company every year.

- Compliance Director

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