Product Usage Analytics for Smarter, Faster Roadmap Decisions

Stop guessing, start knowing. Better software and customer engagement begins with better user data.

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Work smarter with analytics

The first software usage analytics solution designed for distributed C/C++, .NET, Obj-C and native Java applications on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, provides deep insight into application usage. See which features are used most and least. Advanced reporting lets you filter by properties including region, version, OS platform, and architecture to focus your roadmap development.

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Work faster with analytics

Usage Intelligence is easy to implement. Get started in 30 minutes with SDK integration and out-of-the-box reporting. You’ll quickly see trends and understand user behavior without additional customizations. Easy-to-use dashboards let you align product and marketing strategies.

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In-app messages engages your users

ReachOut in-app messaging lets you to communicate directly with users. Contextually relevant messages based on rules you define (such as feature usage, geographic profiles, software version or license status) send the right message at the right time. Announce new features and offers, provide ‘how to’ tips, or notify customers of upgrade opportunities.

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Your software product is unique, but your challenges and questions may not be. See how Revulytics customers are using software usage analytics data to answer the questions needed to build better products and drive adoption.

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See how Revulytics Usage Intelligence can work for you. Take a tour for a product walk-through of key features and reporting.

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Revulytics Usage Intelligence scales to the size of your business and its unique needs. Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate plans cover software installations from hundreds to millions.

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Our solutions are easy-to-use, but we're here to help when you need it. From SDK implementation to analytics best practices, our support team and knowledge base provide the answers you need.

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At TechSmith, our goal is to create a superior customer experience in our software products while fully optimizing revenue opportunities. We are using software usage data from Revulytics to improve our trial conversion funnel.

–Dewey Hou, VP of Product Development at TechSmith

Software usage analytics from Revulytics give us insight into diverse end-user engagement that we didn’t have before. Now we can make better decisions about product development, packaging, and pricing that meet the needs of our customers and make us an even more indispensable part of the filmmaking process.

–Scott McMenamin, President of Final Draft

Our entire redesign took 18 months. But it would easily have taken double that time without Revulytics software usage analytics to support our decision-making.

–Russ Bukowski, Director of Product Design, CNC Software

Customer engagement with our invoicing software is critical to its adoption and our success. Over the last four years Revulytics has helped us adjust our features and interface to match our customers’ preferred workflow, so they can work in the way they find most intuitive.

–Tony Sammut, Product Manager at Faktum Software

Over 72 million installations across the globe, and growing.

We’re proud to work with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to Startups, helping software producers make data driven decisions.

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Take a tour for a product walk-through of key features and reporting.
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Revulytics Usage Intelligence

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