Developer of engineering tools drives new revenue throughout North America and Europe in months.

An engineering design software provider, who's product helps create some of the world's most advanced and connected electronic products and systems, began earning revenue quickly and expanded into multiple geographical markets.


  • The company had never systematically instrumented its products to identify piracy
  • It had little confidence in the magnitude of the problem
  • It relied on speculation instead of data to prioritize for enforcement or pursue infringers


  • A pilot compliance program with Compliance Intelligence was able to identify piracy and pursue leads within weeks
  • The company tasked us with pursuing leads in target European markets where it had no compliance resources.
  • Successful results came quickly, so the company expanded throughout Europe and the Americas


  • The company opened 300 cases in the first year alone, focusing on only one product
  • A first round of 50 closed settlements averaged almost $10,000 each, representing nearly $500,000 in new revenue
  • The company has now seen growth in actionable infringement data for 15 straight months

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