Compliance Analytics to Detect, Identify and Convert Unpaid Software Use

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Transform your compliance strategy

Eighty-three percent of unlicensed users in mature markets are legally-inclined victims of software piracy who will pay for software. License overuse within existing accounts is often the result of complicated licensing technology or terms. When software vendors detect and identify this unpaid use, they can act on this data to power their compliance and revenue generation strategies.

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Report and identify unlicensed use

The first step toward recouping lost revenue is gathering data on unlicensed use. Leveraging CodeArmor technology, Revulytics compliance analytics makes it easy. You know where the unpaid usage is occurring, who is getting value from your applications, and how they are using them. Now you can start making smart, data-driven decisions about the best opportunities to pursue.

Generate new license revenue

You can act on this forensic evidence to convert unpaid users into paying customers. You can use existing compliance or sales teams for direct outreach, or an automated approach using in-application messaging to reach, educate, and convert. Our customers - from the largest EDA, PLM, and engineering software providers, to smaller prosumer software vendors - have generated $2.8 billion in new license revenue since 2010 using this approach.

Partner with the experts

Revulytics’ expert team of analysts helps you quickly get your compliance analytics program producing results. We help software vendors around the world quantify their piracy exposure and the associated revenue opportunity, develop best practices to meet your unique business requirements, and strategize the best approach from collecting data to generating revenue.


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Accelerate compliance conversions

Revulytics Revenue Services turn your infringing software users into paying customers. Our team has a global reach, and is well-versed in local law and fluent in more than 12 languages. Services range from turnkey compliance programs to highly targeted initiatives in emerging markets, challenging geographies, or specialized disciplines. Let us augment your efforts with our inside sales, software audit, legal enforcement, and raid services.

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Complement with usage analytics

In addition to driving your compliance efforts, Revulytics also turns software usage data into actionable intelligence. It gives any software producer valuable insight into application adoption, usage, and computing environments. It enables developers and product managers to make data-driven roadmap decisions, prioritize development resources, and optimize product and marketing strategies.

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Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

Add new license revenue by detecting, identifying and converting unpaid users into paying customers.

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