Revenue recovery begins with discovery.

Actionable intelligence to drive new license revenue.

Software vendors of all sizes are losing millions to piracy every year. Unlike prevention strategies such as licensing and application hardening, a detection strategy is a proven way to generate new license revenue.

The challenge for software vendors lies in systematically identifying unlicensed users, generating actionable intelligence, and analyzing which revenue conversion opportunities to pursue.

CodeArmor® Intelligence is a proven solution to generate license revenue from the use of unpaid software.

  • Identify and generate actionable intelligence from unlicensed usage (overt piracy and license overuse)
  • Pinpoint the exact location of unlicensed use of software using the Google Geolocation API
  • No impact on end user experience or application performance
  • Compatible with existing licensing systems and enforcement technologies  including Flexera, SafeNet, Reprise, WIBU and IBM LUM.
  • Scalable data infrastructure and hosting options
  • Advanced data analysis leveraging industry leading business intelligence tools from Tableau Software
  • Easy integration with CRM systems including provides access to data for compliance teams and analysts
  • Trusted partner from initial deployment to campaign creation and optimization

Find out how much revenue V.i. Labs can help recover.

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