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Revulytics Usage Intelligence

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Core Analytics

Powerful software usage analytics; insight to build better products

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  • Event Based Feature Usage Tracking
  • User Flow Path Analytics
  • User Engagement Analysis
  • Architecture Reports
  • OS, Platform and Geo Reports
  • User Churn Analysis
  • License Key Tracking
  • Web API & Data Export
  • Exception Tracking

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Fully targeted, event driven,
in-application messaging

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  • Enabled Out-of-the-Box with Core Analytics Implementation
  • Target by Behavior, Audience, or Usage
  • 100% Delivery Rate
  • Delivered Contextually In-Application
  • Anonymous/GDPR Compliant
  • Customizable to Any Application

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Usage Intelligence Capabilities

Powerful insight to build better products, convert trial users, and retain customers.

Simple SDK Integration

Usage Intelligence is easy to implement. Get started in 30 minutes with SDK integration and out-of-the-box reporting, for Java, Windows, Linux and Mac Applications.


Retention and Churn Analysis

Track customer adoption of new features, engagement and attrition at every stage so you see exactly how new releases impact usage.


In-Application Messaging

Communicate directly with users via contextually relevant messages based on rules you define with segments based on Usage Intelligence data.


Reporting API and Data Export

Usage Intelligence supports integration with third party systems like your CRM or Business Intelligence platform, through web reporting APIs or embedded HTML widgets.


Architecture Reports

Gain insight into your users by properties including region, version, OS platform, and hardware to focus your roadmap development.


Feature Usage

Event-based analytics enables anonymous tracking and reporting on feature usage, and requires only a couple of lines of code to start collecting data.


Custom Report Building

Quickly build ad hoc reports on standard or custom properties, with the data segmentation and filtering you need to visualize the answer to your usage questions.


Data for Teams

Plans start with seats for 30 users, allow for collection of unlimited data points, and 12 months data retention, with the ability scale and customize amounts to your needs. 

Powerful Analytics Reporting

Better software products begin with better data.


Event Tracking and Feature Usage

Identify your most popular features over-time and by audience for data-driven decisions to focus your product development efforts.


Custom Report Builder

Analyze multiple segmenting variables and their interactions in a quick and powerful report to see popular audience traits from a macro down to micro level.


Churn Analysis

Monitor user attrition rates of your application to identify points in time when churn can be addressed, and compare trends by user groups.

User Flow Path Analytics

User Flow

Visualize and drill-down into the journey users take through your application, to better understand user interactions and experiences.

Version, Edition, and Build

Track both distribution and trends over-time to make informed cost-efficient support and development decisions based on version, edition and build popularity.


Operating System

Understand operating system metrics to inform software development. Report on distribution by OS version, platform, language and architecture.

Hardware Architecture

Hardware Architecture

Analyze the physical and virtual machines your application is executed on, to understand the type of hardware environments you need to optimize for and support.


Conversion Funnel

Visualize trial user experience segmented by region, platform and product version, helping to identify where and why users are not converting



Collect geographic metrics to gain insight into product development requirements, effective prioritization of sales and marketing campaigns.


Exceptions and Stack Trace

Don't wait for users to report bugs, quickly identify software exceptions, providing a comprehensive view to help accelerate fixes.

Custom Properties

Custom Properties

Track extra custom properties that are related to your software, the environment, or users that run your application for custom visualizations and report filtering on your unique data.


Direct-to-Desktop In-Application Messaging

  • Enabled Out-of-the-Box
  • Target by Behavior, Audience, or Usage
  • Delivered Contextually In-Application
  • Anonymous/GDPR Compliant
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Over 72 million installations across the globe, and growing.

We’re proud to work with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to Startups, helping software producers make data driven decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do testing builds affect my reports and quotas?

If you have integrated the SDK and have callhome enabled while testing a development build, Revulytics Usage Intelligence will keep track of data collected from these builds just like any other public build.


Can I track a sample set of installations instead of my entire user base?

While there may be valid reasons where you might consider tracking only a sample of your user base, keep in mind that this may not give you an accurate picture of your product usage trends.

How does Usage Intelligence detect New/Lost Users?
Usage Intelligence detects user installations/uninstallations based solely on end-user call-home activity, therefore you are not required to make any updates or integration in your installer or uninstaller script. This makes it easier to maintain and also works uniformly even if your software is a simple executable without an installer.


Can I export my analytics data for offline use?

Yes, Revulytics Usage Intelligence allows you to export data offline for processing or integration with third party BI solutions.

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