Flexible plans and capabilities to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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Starting at $59/month paid annually, up to 1,500 installations

  • User runtime information
  • Architecture reports
  • Product reports
  • User churn analysis
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Web API for 3rd party integration or data export
  • Track 100 Basic Events

Advanced and Ultimate Plans

Custom tailored by product analytics requirements

  • Advanced event tracking for deeper analytics & reporting of features 
  • ReachOutTM In-app messaging capabilities for customer engagement
  • Custom data collection and reporting
  • Exception tracking with full stack trace
  • Track 300 Basic Events

Test drive the full Usage Intelligence experience, free up to 400 installs

Usage Intelligence Capabilities

Compare plan features and reporting options to find the solution that best fits your needs. Each plan is available for any size product base and easily scales to support millions of installations





SDK for Java, Windows, Linux and Mac Applications

Real-time Runtime Reports

Product Usage Metrics

Geographical and Architecture Reports

Basic Event Tracking

Advanced Event Tracking

Tag Events with Custom Data

Exception Tracking with Stack Trace Collection

License Key Registry

Customization & Drilldown

Customizable Dashboard with Custom Report Generation

Filter and Segment data based on Standard properties

Filter and Segment data based on Custom properties

Conversion & Churn

Conversion, Retention and Churn Analysis Reports

Conversion Funnel Report

Usage Activity for Churned Users

User Engagement

In-App Customer Feedback Collection via Custom Events

In-App Messaging via ReachOut Campaigns

In-App Surveys with ReachOut and SurveyMonkey™ integration

Data Collection & Collaboration

Reporting API with Data Export

Unlimited Data Points

12 Month Data Retention & Reporting Window

30 Dashboard Users with granular permissions

Custom Call-home URL

Over 72 million installations across the globe, and growing.

We’re proud to work with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to Startups, helping software producers make data driven decisions.

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