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Revulytics Introduces Data Enrichment Service to Generate Revenue from Unlicensed Software Use

Leverages software vendors’ existing data to identify and validate actionable compliance opportunities

WALTHAM, Mass — February 15, 2018 –  Revulytics, Inc., a leading provider of software usage analytics for on-premise software, today announced Revulytics™ Data Enrichment, a new service that improves the quality of customer-provided data to accelerate their software license compliance programs and generate revenue from unlicensed software use.

Built on the Revulytics Compliance Intelligence platform, Data Enrichment identifies and validates organizations that are using unlicensed software and represent actionable compliance opportunities. It enriches data that software vendors are already collecting through licensing and activation, product improvement, and other telemetry programs. It leverages Revulytics Data Optimizer, a proprietary database of millions of infringing organizations and our process to automatically match unauthorized use to the actual infringers, and managed by an experienced team of data investigators. High-match rates yield highly qualified, accurate leads, and give software vendors the confidence to pursue non-compliant organizations and over-users.

“We have a substantial number of additional identified compliance opportunities to pursue thanks to Revulytics Data Enrichment,” said the senior product manager of a global CAD software vendor. “We’ve expanded our existing compliance pipeline with millions of dollars’ worth of compliance leads and we’re just getting started.”

“We’ve seen software vendors with mature compliance programs that still struggle when it comes to using the wide array of data they’re collecting to identify infringing organizations,” said Victor DeMarines, VP, Products and Strategy at Revulytics. “While these vendors are sometimes able to identify a small percentage of organizations based on IP address alone, our Data Enrichment service identifies four times that number using that same data.”

Data Enrichment automates discovery through multiple, best of breed, data providers with additional investigation by analysts that brings experience and subjective decision-making that enables software vendors to:

  • Improve compliance analytics without additional engineering resources or SDK integration
  • Increase match rates that go beyond reliance on simple IP-matching services
  • Visualize, filter, and prioritize fully resolved infringing organizations
  • Manage enriched data in a streamlined, actionable dashboard
  • Accelerate conversion of infringing organizations to paying customers
  • Leverage a consistent data verification process with analyst support throughout compliance actions

Revulytics offers a risk-free data assessment to provide software vendors insight into the business impact of improving the data they are already collecting.

About Revulytics

Revulytics offers cloud-based software usage analytics that give software producers deep visibility into how their products are being used and misused, providing them with actionable intelligence to generate revenue, optimize product development, and make data-driven decisions across their business. Its compliance analytics solution and turnkey services are used by leading software vendors to increase license revenue and globally reduce software piracy. Its software usage analytics solution provides valuable insight into product usage and environments, enabling product managers and developers to build better products. Revulytics software usage analytics has supported customer compliance programs generating more than $2.1 billion in new license revenue since 2010.

Revulytics is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., USA and serves customers worldwide. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter (@revulytics), or subscribe to our blog.

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