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V.i. Labs Enhances CodeArmor to Meet Growing Enterprise and Software Vendor Needs for Intellectual Property, Reverse Engineering, and Anti-Piracy Protection

Enhanced Anti-tampering, Device Driver Verification, Secure Debugging Capabilities among Key Components for Securing High-Value Applications

Waltham, MA — January 23, 2008 - V.i. Laboratories, Inc. (“V.i. Labs”), a provider of software protection solutions for securing high-value and mission-critical applications, announced its latest release of CodeArmor for Windows and Microsoft .NET, specifically tailored to meet the growing needs of enterprise and software vendors. The new version provides additional security enhancements and extends CodeArmor’s ability to automatically protect a wide range of software applications without modifying their source code.

“By continually expanding the anti-reverse engineering countermeasures of CodeArmor, enterprise organizations and software vendors can easily raise their defenses against software piracy, code theft, and tampering on an on-going basis, without impacting their software development resources,” said Victor DeMarines, VP of Products at V.i. Labs. “Companies are using the CodeArmor Post Processing technology not only to combat software piracy, but ensure their innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) within their applications is secure from competitors and emerging countries where the IP enforcement laws are weak.”

Sequoia Voting Systems, a large electronic voting vendor, is using CodeArmor to enhance the protection of its embedded software.

“We chose CodeArmor because of its capability to support our diverse application development environment and the ease in which we could layer additional security on our sensitive e-voting software,” said Doug Weinel, VP of Election Management Systems at Sequoia. “We see V.i. Labs as an important partner as we continue to enhance our software security strategy.”

CodeArmor Version 2.2 contains the following new capabilities:

  • Enhanced Anti-tampering – New enhancements to prevent the protected applications files from being tampered with statically or dynamically at runtime. Binary tampering is the leading method used by the piracy cracking community to bypass and disable application license enforcement systems.
  • Device Driver verification – Allows the runtime CodeArmor agents to verify the integrity of device drivers to ensure safe execution of the protected application.
  • Expanded Anti-debugging – Additional layers of the Anti-debug setting have been added to guard against kernel or user level debugger tools from analyzing a protected application during its operation.
  • Sybase PowerBuilder and Borland Delphi support – The CodeArmor Post Processor technology is the first solution of its kind to enable organizations to automatically embed software protection within a wide variety of applications. Sybase PowerBuilder and Borland Delphi compilers are now supported.
  • Secure Debugger enhancements – Many software application platforms within the EDA and CAD space allow partners and customers to develop extensions against their application. CodeArmor is the first solution to offer a secure debugging capability that allows customers to deploy protected applications and use a collaborative or outsourced development environment without risking access to sensitive code. CodeArmor 2.2 adds additional debugging commands to the Secure Debugger console.

CodeArmor v2.2 for Windows and Microsoft .NET is available immediately. Pricing starts at $18,500 for enterprise applications and subscription-based pricing is available for Application providers and Independent Software Vendors.

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V.i. Labs provides software protection solutions that protect against the misappropriation and theft of intellectual property resident in software applications. Through V.i. Labs’ patent-pending technology, software vendors, embedded system providers, enterprise organizations and government agencies are able to easily secure their software against the threat of piracy, tampering and theft, independent of where the applications are distributed. V.i. Labs is privately held and is headquartered in Waltham, MA. For more information please visit

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