How a Leading Product Lifecycle Management Software Developer Transforms Pirates into Paying Customers

Our customer is a global leader with over 35,000 customers and more $1 billion annually in product revenue. It also offers a wide array of software that complements its PLM solutions. Its anti-piracy team includes representatives from License compliance, Product management, and Development.



It knew its software was pirated, but did not fully understand the extent or nature. Given its strategic emphasis on growing revenue in emerging markets where piracy is rampant, the company needed to find out — and take action.

Having reviewed its experience with software protection, the anti-piracy team concluded that a different strategy was needed. It would focus on detecting piracy, and using detections to generate new leads.


The company chose us as a partner to implement piracy detection and reporting into the company’s flagship product line, and to provide piracy analysis services  because it:

  • Is an easy and unobtrusive solution to integrate
  • Triggers reporting only when a tampered version of the software is actually used
  • Minimizes the impact to existing licensed customers

Compliance Intelligence's integration with also met its requirements for:

  • Secure access to piracy data
  • Flexible, intuitive dashboard that  easily integrated with its existing CRM system
  • Streamlined management of piracy-related leads throughout the entire sales process


  • Within 120 days of general release, Compliance Intelligence began generating large numbers of actionable leads related to infringements of the company’s flagship product
  • By the third quarter after deployment in the US alone, revenue generation soared from $90,000 to $1 million — and the same explosive growth was soon replicated in Europe
  • Through anti-piracy initiatives built on the Compliance Intelligence data, the company has grown its revenue recovery program from $12M to $20M, with even more growth on the way
  • Gained reliable knowledge about patterns of piracy and overuse that now supports a highly-profitable complementary
    auditing strategy
  • Increased the number of transactions associated with piracy
    and misuse from 300 in 2014 to more than 700 in 2017

Based on our customer dynamics, release cycle, and the need for further piracy information, we decided to pursue a strategy of detection, rather than prevention – and it has worked exceptionally well.

- EVP, Software Solutions

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