Compliance Partners

Software Compliance Group


Software Compliance Group (SCG) was founded by experts in global software license compliance. Its services enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to recover license revenue by ensuring that enterprise customers pay for all of the licenses they are using. SCG offers both outsourced license compliance programs and license compliance training services to support a variety of ISV needs. SCG has a global network of partners that allows it to leverage local expertise to recover revenue from even the most challenging geographies.



Solution Partners


Reprise Software


Reprise Software, Inc. is a software development company focused on providing best-of-breed electronic software licensing technology to global independent software vendors and their end users.

salesforce.jpg provides crowd-sourced business domain information database that contains 200 million companies. Data Optimizer, a key component of Revulytics Compliance Intelligence, integrates with to allow Compliance Intelligence customers to accelerate and automate the process to identify prospects and customers using or misusing their software applications.

Technology Partners





Revulytics is a member of the Microsoft Empower ISV Program, Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIP) program, and participates in Microsoft Technology Adoption Programs. These programs provide Revulytics with Microsoft resources to increase its market awareness, technology advantage and, ultimately, gain additional business opportunities.

isv_salesforce-180x54.jpg is the enterprise cloud computing company. Based on’s real-time, multitenant architecture, the company’s platform and CRM applications have revolutionized the way companies collaborate and communicate with their customers.

Tableau Software


Revulytics is a Tableau Software OEM Partner. Compliance Intelligence 5.0 leverages advanced reporting by Tableau to improve scalability and allow customers to quickly visualize key trends across millions of infringement records. Customers with high volumes of data will benefit from the ability to quickly analyze, visualize and share information to drive even more complex and nuanced data-driven decisions.


ID Networks


ID Networks provides unique and secure solutions to implement simple and flexible IT environments. Their solutions are based on globally proven products with a focus on information security areas, which include ID and access management, enterprise DRM and thin client.

Red Hat


Compliance Intelligence is Red Hat Ready, supporting Red Hat versions 4 and 5. Revulytics is a member of the Red Hat ISV Partner program, which encourages the combination of open source and traditional technologies into the fabric of enterprise computing to provide technology solutions that give customers more variety of choices.