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Eliminate Fishing Expeditions in 2018: Keys to Implementing a Data-Driven Software Licensing Compliance Strategy

January 2018

Adobe’s strategies to combat software piracy are some of the most innovative in the world, and they’re all based on a simple, yet somewhat unknown, fact—software pirates are often unintentional victims who thought they legitimately paid for the software....To push these customers back into the pipeline, Adobe uses a combination of compliance and usage intelligence, plus in-application messaging to drive online conversions....

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What’s new in software licensing?

November 2, 2017

Subscription- and usage-based pricing are all the rage these days. So how are companies becoming even more creative in their software pricing and licensing? Although a lot of innovation is starting to happen, much more appears to be in store over the next couple of years.....

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Industry Spotlight: Revulytics’ usage analytics show how software features are consumed

November 1, 2017

As adoption of consumption-based pricing keeps gaining ground, many ISVs and software customers are using Revulytics’ account-based intelligence to gain insights into product use throughout the lifecycle, said Vic DeMarines, VP of product strategy for the analytics toolmaker. As Revulytics defines the term, account-based intelligence refers to mapping of aggregated software data to customers’ processes to see how isvs’ software is actually being used according to criteria such as specific features, OS and hardware environment, and application versions....

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Press Releases

Revulytics Introduces Data Enrichment Service to Generate Revenue from Unlicensed Software Use

February 15, 2018

Leverages software vendors’ existing data to identify and validate actionable compliance opportunities WALTHAM, Mass — February 15, 2018 –  Revulytics, Inc., a leading provider of software usage ...

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Revulytics Gains Momentum Fueled by 100 Percent Growth in Usage Intelligence Customers

January 25, 2018

Sixth consecutive year of revenue growth and profitability propelled by data-driven license compliance and product development WALTHAM, Mass — January 25, 2018 –  Revulytics, Inc., a leading provider ...

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Revulytics Expands Platform with Native Java SDK for Software Usage Analytics

December 14, 2017

Enhanced Out-of-the-Box Reporting and In-Application Messaging Functionality for Developers, Product Managers, and Marketers of Software Applications WALTHAM, Mass — December 14, 2017 – Revulytics, ...

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We’re a Gartner Cool Vendor, But Our Customers Are Even Cooler

Gartner recently named Revulytics a 2017 Cool Vendor in the Tech Go-to-Market category. We’re honored and excited for the ...