A specialized manufacturing software developer uses the Compliance Intelligence platform and services, monetizes license infringement worldwide.

The company helps its customers improve quality and reliability, while reducing costs, time-to-market, and downtime. They knew their software was being pirated by potential customers; the key was having better data, and settlement expertise.


  • Potential customers were suspected of piracy, and some existing customers were using more units than they were paying for
  • The company had deep knowledge of its markets, but needed better data to pursue piracy and overuse
  • They needed a solution that provided comprehensive expertise for enforcement, without involving internal sales teams
  • It relied on speculation instead of data to prioritize for enforcement or pursue infringers


  • We were chosen as a single source for Compliance Intelligence AND revenue recovery services
  • Data identified and the company prioritized high value targets
  • We discreetly sought revenue recovery with local expertise in sales, audit, law enforcement, and reported back to the company for near real time objection handling and negotiation


  • The company was able to expand its program from his home region to hot spots in Asia
  • A first raid was profitable, the second even more so
  • To date, the company has grossed $2 million from its compliance program

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