Compliance That Works: How Detection is Succeeding where Auditing and Prevention Failed

Our customer is a leading global provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software with 70,000 customers worldwide and $600M in annual revenue.


It already had a sizable compliance organization, but still faced large and growing revenue losses from piracy. It began by largely ignoring piracy, because it couldn’t find reliable data to quantify losses or inform a workable strategy.

The company considered several strategies to address the issue:

  • Auditing
  • Software protection
  • Legal action against pirates


The company selected Compliance Intelligence because it is:

  • Transparent to the end user, and won’t impact application performance
  • Configurable to detect piracy, whether caused by tampering or counterfeit license files
  • Easy to integrate with the company’s existing software build processes
  • Fully compatible with the company’s existing licensing system and enforcement technology
  • Offers strong capabilities for detecting, transporting, and reporting on data from multiple sources and networks
  • Provides up-to-the-minute dashboard information including leads created, unique machines and infringements, and closed won opportunities


  • Within 3 months, identified more than 270 actionable noncompliant organizations and settled with 21
  • Within one year, generated more than $5.5 million in new license revenue and has grown compliance revenue streams to more than $24 million
  • Initially deployed in two products, and quickly expanded to 17 based on increasing success
  • Started compliance programs in Europe and quickly expanded use worldwide achieving close rates of 60-90% on actionable data, depending on region

We’ve realized that piracy cannot be addressed by licensing and DRM. Viewing it as a marketing opportunity has enabled us to implement a license revenue recovery program that’s adding millions of dollars to our bottom line.

- VP of License Enforcement

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