Compliance Intelligence Data Enrichment Transforms Anonymous Telemetry into Millions of Dollars of License Revenue

A prominent software firm that provides advanced solutions in markets worldwide, through channels ranging from corporate sales to consumer retail, in formats ranging from shrink-wrapped disks to cloud-based subscriptions, and on multiple OS platforms


A leading global software firm is providing state-of-the-art tools for professionals throughout the technical, design, and creative industries. Their challenge was to transform raw, anonymous data into actionable leads for monetizing overuse and piracy.


Data Enrichment was used for identifying and validating high-quality compliance leads and increasing license revenue recovery, without SDK integration or additional engineering effort.


The company nearly tripled the percentage of identifiable leads generated from anonymous IP addresses compared with previous services, representing close to $4M of incremental revenue in the pilot assessment alone.

We've expanded our existing compliance pipeline with millions of dollars' worth of compliance leads and we're just getting started.

- Senior Product Manager

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