Fair Usage Policy

The quotas assigned to every account are automatically regulated by limiting the maximum number of unique installations that are tracked by the server every month. This means that once you reach the maximum number of active installations for that month, the server will reject any call-homes from other installations.

You are obliged to regulate the number of deployments of your software in order not to exceed the quotas assigned to you for any given month. Once you exceed the assigned quotas by more than 5% in any given month (i.e. the number of rejected users is greater than 5% of the maximum quota defined by your subscription plan), it is considered a breach of the fair usage policy. In such cases you will need to upgrade to a subscription plan that covers the total number of active users.

In general, we do not limit the number of datapoints collected by the server. However, should you use Revulytics Usage Intelligence for scopes which go beyond its design leading to excessive traffic or the generation of a large number of datapoints, we may request a review of your account or subscription plan.

Revulytics defines fair usage as that in which a unique installation does not generate more than 20,000 datapoints per month and does not generate more than 50 syncs (call-home to the Revulytics server) per 24 hour period.

In general, a datapoint is generated every time your software calls a function in the Usage Intelligence API. For example, if in a single runtime session your application calls Start, Event-Track, Key-Check and Stop, it would generate four datapoints.

For subscription plans which allow an unlimited number of user logins, our fair usage cap is placed at 50 concurrent users/product managers/ administrators. Should you require more than this, please talk to our support.

If you have any concerns about the fair usage policy of the Usage Intelligence SDK or any of the Usage Intelligence services, please contact us by opening a support ticket through our helpdesk.

Changes to this policy: Our fair usage policy may change from time to time. We post fair usage policy changes to this website page and if the changes are significant, we may provide a more prominent notice or contact you on the email address which you last provided for your Revulytics account.

This fair usage policy is governed by our terms of use to which you must agree if you access our website and/or use any of our Revulytics services.