Usage Analytics Powers Automated Conversion Campaigns

A leading provider of content creation software with annual revenues of $50M estimated that it had $100M lost to piracy. Marketing and creative professionals use the software to create multimedia content across a wide range of industries.


The company needed a scalable solution to reach, educate and convert pirate users into paying customers.

  • It believed that there was a tremendous license revenue opportunity from pirated use, but had no way to track or measure it
  • It was skeptical that conversion strategies adopted large vendors like Microsoft and Adobe would work for it
  • It deployed simple licensing to balance streamlining the activation process for customers and protecting the application from piracy
  • “Preventative” strategies of blacklisting illegitimate license keys and takedowns of links to pirated software weren’t working


The company chose to deploy Compliance Intelligence with in-application messaging to monetize piracy and convert pirates to paying customers.

  • Created targeted in-application response campaigns based on specific demographic and behavioral profiles of the unlicensed users 
  • Tested and optimized campaigns using ecommerce marketing best practices
  • Segmented large organizational users out of the automated response campaigns and conducted direct compliance outreach activities to these groups


Within the first year of deployment, results included:

  • Proof that pirates will convert to paying customers, and that the piracy conversion approach taken by Microsoft and Adobe can work for a company like theirs
  • Return on its initial investment within three months
  • Average campaign conversion rate of 3% and growing
  • Development of campaign optimization strategies based on usage analytics

Compliance Intelligence experts helped us to think through our strategy and fine-tune our campaigns based on their analysis of the software usage intelligence we were receiving. As a result, we’re seeing increasing conversion rates on our campaigns.

- VP of Product Development

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