Revulytics Consulting Services

Quantifying, identifying, and executing your compliance strategy.

Revulytics Consulting Services help you quantify your piracy exposure and the associated revenue opportunity, develop best practices to meet your unique business requirements, and strategize the best approach from data collection to revenue generation.

Define your revenue opportunity

With nearly a decade of experience and our proprietary research methodology, our experts can quantify your software piracy exposure and the associated revenue opportunity. This assessment is the first step in developing a strong program to convert unlicensed users into paying customers.

Identify and implement your best practices

Each software application is unique in the way it is adopted and used. Your Compliance Intelligence implementation should reflect the nuances of your user base, where they are located, and how they use your software. Our team helps you identify what usage data to collect, when to collect it, and how to report and analyze it.


Execute proven strategies

Leveraging the intelligence from Data Optimizer, our team will help you prioritize your compliance revenue opportunities and determine the best approaches for conversion. From automated in-application marketing campaigns to turnkey outsourced services, we help you act on your infringement data. We also partner with you to educate your team on best compliance analytics practices.

Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

Add new license revenue by detecting, identifying and converting unpaid users into paying customers.

Using In-Application Messaging to Drive New License Revenue

Download the best practices guide to learn how you can drive new revenue by automating in-app messaging to unlicensed users.

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