Piracy Response

Automate and accelerate piracy conversion.

Studies from Adobe and Microsoft show that legally inclined victims of piracy will pay for software. Automatically reach, educate, and convert these users through in-application messaging with the ability to change your application behavior if those messages are ignored.

Reach and educate unpaid users

Compliance Intelligence identifies your unpaid users and Piracy Response enables you to reach them directly through your application and offer a path to compliance. Particularly important to vendors of B2C and prosumer applications, this automated conversion strategy reduces the resources needed to convert these users and allows you to maintain profit margins.

Learn About Unpaid Users

Target conversion offers

The solution dynamically generates in-app messaging based on customer segmentation that you define. Drawing on your software usage analytics data you can segment by environmental factors (like region or operating system) and behavioral actions (like feature usage or thresholds), and drive them to your ecommerce site to purchase a license.

Optimize ecommerce campaigns

With Compliance Intelligence metrics like usage frequency and reliance on key features, you’ll have insight into when unpaid users are most likely to convert. From there, you can continuously improve your results by monitoring, tracking, and optimizing each ecommerce campaign.

Accelerate conversion by changing application behavior

When users ignore previous conversion offers you can escalate your response strategy by changing your application’s behavior to limit or completely disable the use of product features. Controlling usage of key features that highlight the value of your application accelerates their willingness to pay.

Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

Add new license revenue by detecting, identifying and converting unpaid users into paying customers.

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